books and boxes

I was in a class for all things paper in Wijk aan Zee. Our teacher was Manja Markies. We all managed to make a beautiful box from scratch: grey cardbord and paper we decorated ourselves. I also made some easy, small books. The one in front is with a japanese …

treebark rubbings

rubbings from the trees in my garden, pencil on paper rowan- sorbus aucuparia, medlar- mespilus germanica, juneberry- amelanchier lamarckii, black mulberry- morus nigra, winter honeysuckle- lonicera fragrantissima blog text audio


In this time of the year I enjoy the tall grasses in the roadsides, the long vertical stems with tender flowers and seeds in top. They are surrounded by various other plants. I picked some the other day, pressed them flat and printed.


It was wandering in my mind to make this kind of drawings. From one came the other. It was kind of meditation to try making straight lines with the home made ink, that seems to have a will of its own.


In this season I see and smell the elderflower everywhere. There are many ways of consuming them, like in sirup, delicious tea, even wine or eat them fried. It is better not to consume the ones that grow beside a mainroad. I have to look for another spot for my …

drawing from nature

On a short camping brake I took pen and paper with me in stead of wool and spindle or needles. I don´t know why, but before I come round to sit and spin in a tent it is always too dark. Hidden in the field between the tall grasses were …

grasses 2

At the exposition about David Hockney and van Gogh in the Van Goghmuseum, I was touched by a small drawing by Hockney of reed or grass. With a few lines he captured the essence of it, how they bend, move and how they relate to one another. I wanted to …