books and boxes

I was in a class for all things paper in Wijk aan Zee. Our teacher was Manja Markies. We all managed to make a beautiful box from scratch: grey cardbord and paper we decorated ourselves.

I also made some easy, small books. The one in front is with a japanese binding, the one on the right is made from magazine pages and is put together with just folding, no glue ore sewing involved.

box, cardbord, wallpaper, paint, linen for bookmaking
japanese booklet, cardbord, paper, paint, cotton thread and beads
booklet, magazine pages

When back at home I just had to make more. I am easily affected by new techniques and knowledge 🙂

On the web I had found another book that is put together with just folding, the so-called blizzard book designed by Hedi Kyle. The how to can be found on several places, for example at Paper Kawaii, or search You Tube.

First I made some to try it out, than a bigger one to insert the tree rubbings as pages. Instead of a cover I made a box to protect it, and a paperband to close it. So the booklet is made with just folding, but the box is glued in some places.

book with eight treerubbings, paper, cardbord, pencil
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