On our allotment a kind of rush grows wild. It is not the actual bullrush that is used for seats and basketry but a smaller type. I am not sure, it could be juncus conglomeratus or juncus effesus. I have dried and sorted the rushes lengthwise. This is easily done …

books and boxes

I was in a class for all things paper in Wijk aan Zee. Our teacher was Manja Markies. We all managed to make a beautiful box from scratch: grey cardbord and paper we decorated ourselves. I also made some easy, small books. The one in front is with a japanese …

treebark rubbings

rubbings from the trees in my garden, pencil on paper rowan- sorbus aucuparia, medlar- mespilus germanica, juneberry- amelanchier lamarckii, black mulberry- morus nigra, winter honeysuckle- lonicera fragrantissima blog text audio


In this time of the year I enjoy the tall grasses in the roadsides, the long vertical stems with tender flowers and seeds in top. They are surrounded by various other plants. I picked some the other day, pressed them flat and printed.