It is a blessing to be able to make, in this time with Covid19 and much uncertainty. So many people are or will be suffering. At the moment I feel rather safe and in a safe place. But I agree this crisis may be an exercise for an even bigger crisis to come with the climat. I sincerely hope this crisis makes the people and our politicians more ready for big changes in our behaviour, our responsibility for the planet and the effects on our own lifes. We consume less, we value the essential professionals better, the air is much cleaner in such a short time to name a few things.

That being said, it was difficult to wrap my head around something big or complex to make and these small weavings were just perfect for me. I have the book of miniature weavings from Sheila Hicks and every night I look at a few of them before I go to sleep.. they are so comforting and full of detail.

I had limited supplies and colors and enjoyed making some variations. The material is paperstring and the tool is a toy loom. The technique is somewhere between plain weave and tapestry.

loosen up
there is a crack in everything

Have a good day!

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