altered piece Woven strips from a paper-felted sheet. I like the strong colors red and green and how they bleed and interfere when felting them. Cuts in the original sheet are fragmented to small pieces and take a new place on the surface. original sheet


In the nearestby city oasis “Haagse bos” some big changes are taking place. All the ash trees are affected with a disease and are therefore removed. Now there is much more open space wich is being replanted. It looks a bit sad at the moment and there´s much more dead …

shu bao

A Shu bao is a kind of handmade book with boxes inside. The boxes can hold sewing threads, papercuts and patterns for textile crafts. It was made and used by people in various area’s in China. Another name for it is a Zhen xian bao or chinese needle threadpocket. Sometimes …

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