In the nearestby city oasis “Haagse bos” some big changes are taking place. All the ash trees are affected with a disease and are therefore removed. Now there is much more open space wich is being replanted. It looks a bit sad at the moment and there´s much more dead wood on the forestfloor.

Treetrunks and stumps can be beautiful with mosses and mushrooms growing over them. When they are older the yearrings develope a relief. I would like to print one, but at this point I see no way of doing so without disturbing the spot.

Instead I took some cut pieces and bark from the forestfloor home with me. I like the english word ¨foraging¨. In my country it is allowed to take from nature what you need for your own use. It is not allowed to take big amounts and sell it for example. It is never allowed to take from protected area’s or species.

This makes sense to me in order not to damage biotopes or disturb what is precious. On the other hand men and animals are causing changes all the time, so I wouldn´t be too afraid to forage as long as I am aware of this and know what I am taking .

Below are some prints of bark and cut treeknobs. I like to call it ¨shapes¨.

treebark, ink on paper
treebark, ink on paper
cutting, ink on handmade paper
cutting, ink on paper
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