altered piece Woven strips from a paper-felted sheet. I like the strong colors red and green and how they bleed and interfere when felting them. Cuts in the original sheet are fragmented to small pieces and take a new place on the surface. original sheet


In the nearestby city oasis “Haagse bos” some big changes are taking place. All the ash trees are affected with a disease and are therefore removed. Now there is much more open space wich is being replanted. It looks a bit sad at the moment and there´s much more dead …

natural dyeing

wool that was dyed with plants last year, finally rinsed and hanging to dry. yellows from birch, weld+onion, tagetes. orange and pinks from dahlia, willow, avocado, hawthorn blue from indigo, from my attempt for a fermentation vat greens from birch+copperwater, indigo+weld, sunflower+ironwater grey from gipsyworth+iron Wool is Cikta, Romney and …

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