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Today I was in the museum of Rijswijk. It has a show with textiles and jewelry from the peoples of Miao and Dong, who live in the southwest of China. Their embroidery skills are breathtaking, and nowadays changing and dissappearing.

I like to share some pictures. These are not even the most intricate works to see. The pieces are collected by Mieke Gorter.

applique example

The black fabric is indigo dyed and then hammered on until it becomes shiny. Thus to make the indigo totally bond with the fibers.

raincoat , cocofiber
children’s hats
sewing case, mulberrypaper

The story with the sewing cases I find especially touching. They are beautifully folded with multiple pockets and decorated on the inside. When needle crafts are practised so often, the sewing case is very important. And while in this culture there is almost no privacy, a sewing case is the place where you can hide some secrets.

Mieke is teaching classes to learn to make one yourself and I´d love to!

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