bark basket

Late summer a large willow was put down. I asked if I could have a branch with few side branches for the bark, and the men were so kind to drop me a few pieces.

Maybe it was a bit late in the season for harvesting bark. Best is spring or early summer, but that is not the season for cutting trees. Birds might have a nest in it a.o.

I put the pieces of the branch in a rainbarrel for some days, to make it easier for the bark to come loose and it did. It will be enough bark for some small projects, and to satisfy my hunger to work with bark.

some of the bark, now going to be a basket
in the beginning it wants to go everywhere. The weaving is done with bramble.
finished basket, made with willow, bramble, nettle and iris.

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  1. hi Meta….I think my 2 comments disappeared…I guess I wasn´t logged in on my own blog….
    I will follow you here……looks very beautiful this blog and good luck with it…..
    I find this little basket nice…I did harvest myself some bark a few years ago…still hanging in a room…but i did harvest in may…nice to read about how you made the bark get off more easily later in year by putting in water….
    hope you get this comment….:O)

    • Meta

      hi Anita, no, your comments have not dissappeared. It is just that I have to accept them before they appear on the blog, because otherwise there will also be spam among the comments. And I was late doing so, because I wanted to answer you at the same time. Thank you very much for your comments, it means something to me that you like it!
      I think working with the bark is more common in your country, right?

  2. and it is a lovely little basket you´ve made….I have not tried it yet, but did harvest some bark some years ago….and it is hanging in my room…I did harvest in may, I think….and the bark went off so easily….but a good thing reading how you made it go off more easily by putting it in water in a later part of the season….and I have just read about using nice seeing how you use it in your basket….

  3. hi Meta….I just put your blog on my bloglist…..a blog that I have but here I mostly write in Danish…..I am not using it so often anymore…I am using Flickr mostly…..but since you will be on a blog….I will keep contact there…..if you are not uploading on Flickr….good luck with the blog here…..
    Anita Thomhave Simonsen

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