wallpiece ¨Palette¨

This piece shows the natural pigments that I extracted last year, mostly from plants that were in my surrounding and garden. Birchleafs and willow, dahlia, hawthorn and tagetes and indigo.

When I saw the dyed wools together it was a reflection of the plants and the dyeing. The colors form the palette of this period for me, and I wanted to bring them together in a felt work.

The felt is made laying flat, and sometimes when finished I hesitate what is the upside. Although I have a an upside in my mind when making, sometimes it turns out just as well the other way!


and the other way, I have decided this is the way it should be.


size: 76×125 cm

wool: schoonebeeker, drent, cikta, mountainsheep and merino

naturally dyed with tagetes, willow, dahlia, birch, indigo, hawthorn

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